I was born in northeastern Ohio near Lake Erie. I studied a mix of literature, psychology, math, and history at Miami University and the University of Illinois. I am an INTJ and a vegetarian who makes occasional lapses for sushi. I moved to the Pacific Northwest at the turn of the century for its forests and rivers. I am father to Dante and partner to Laure.

Solving problems

Pragmatism, flexibility of method, order without rigidity, data-driven decision making, and esprit de corps are common threads in my work. I’ve diverse skills in UX, business analysis, development, QA, much project management, and company operations. I remain an expert generalist because there is always more to learn in many domains.

I dwell at the intersection of production and project management, data analysis and business intelligence, and team leadership. I brake for unusual maps, pedestrians crossing the bicycle lane, a teammate needing help, and work that is innovative and full of challenge. Here’s my resume.

Some favorite tools are XFCE or KDE as desktop environment and JIRA or LiquidPlanner for all things production. I prefer Manjaro as a rolling release distribution and the triad of Python, pandas and seaborn for analysis. I’m digging deeper with scikit-learn.

things I like

I like running west at dusk, reading speculative fiction, and tracking developments in data science, cognitive psychology, game theory, and open source software. I abandoned brewing beer in favor of making mead. Bees are wonderful creatures. I have just bottled a ginger metheglin that has been over two years in the making.

I am an avid player of (mainly) European board games that involve economies of production, territories and technology trees, variable player powers, and multiple paths to victory. Some favorites include Trajan, Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar, Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization, and Race for the Galaxy.

I prefer two wheeled vehicles. I ride a 1996 BMW R1100RS. For human-powered transportation, I ride a late 1990s bonded aluminum Alan cyclocross-er with a flip-flop, single-speed hub and a bombproof chromoly 1980s Nishiki racer that indeed feels like steel. I’ve been over the handlebars twice in dramatic fashion.